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The goal of this clinic is to
on local pet overpopulation
in order to reduce 
euthanasia in our
area shelters. 
As part of the 
National Spay Neuter Response Team, it 
has been brought to you by: 
The Miss Avis Davis Fund
PetSmart Charities (R)
State Farm
& Adopt an Angel.    

"The Greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
-Mahatma Ghandi

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Success Stories

Ozzie & Dudley
They are the most beautiful dogs you've ever placed for adoption!

Sending the pictures brought back memories of how they came to be here with me.  Hope you don't mind if I share their adoption memories with you.

The majority of my work travel had stopped when Bristol, who was 11, came to live here. She died 8 months later - Bristol was sick and her care was expensive, but I knew that I never wanted to go any length of time without a dog as she brought so much love and joy to both me and Keith.  Having grown up with and had my own dachshund, I never expected to want a big dog, but Bristol changed that thought process!!

Keith picked Ozzie from the group of dogs at PetSmart and you helped introduce us to Oz. I was set on a black and white dog like Bristol - I guess I thought if a dog looked like her, it would be like her...and I wanted a puppy.  You gave us Megan's information and I really had no intention of calling, but I could not get Oz out of my mind.  Keith was out of town, and I went to Megan's and brought him home - didn't even tell him I had done so!  Oz occassionly has his old grumpy moments and he can be the biggest pain, but he is my big boy (or big brother), the smartest and most beautiful boy ever, and I love him!!

If you remember, I wanted to foster Dudley (Clue).  I went on my annual girls trip, left early so I would get back before the adoption fair was over and he was leaving with a young couple and a white dog. The next afternoon, you called and said he had been returned and asked if he could stay with me for a few days.  You loaned me a crate & Dudley and I headed home. He was so shy, so scared, and so sweet!  15 minutes after he arrived, I knew I wanted him to stay as I had already fallen in love with him!  After a slow and easy introduction, I knew Oz had no problem with his new brother. Took a few weeks to get Keith's buy in, but with or without his approval, Ozzie and I knew Dudley wasn't going anywhere. He is my love muffin - so sweet and handsome - I'm so glad that with his history of eating things he shouldn't that he was here and that I was able to provide the health care he needed.

Can't imagine life without my sweet Cuddly Dudley!

Oz has been with me for 5+ years and Dudley almost 4 - this would not have been possible without Adopt-an-Angel.  Thank you for saving them - it woud be a huge loss to have not had the opprotunity to experience the love of my boys!


Buddy & Fletcher
I adopted Buddy from u in March of 2007.  He was just a puppy. He was found in the woods off of Murrayville Rd starving.  He has been a great joy to our family.  He is playful, loving and a very good dog.  Buddy is 3 yrs old now.

Fletcher (Furby) came to us from u in February of 2010.  He has been a great addition to the family.  He is spolied rotten.  Mom loves him to pieces.  Buddy and him are like brothers. They play all the time.


We adopted him in March 2010 and have just totally fallen in love with him.  He loves to cuddle and will pucker up to kiss you, loves to play with his sister Molly our American Bulldog, and is obsessed with fetching any kind of ball!  He will do anything for a treat, loves bathtime, and he has also participated in charity fundraisers like the Bark for Life to help raise money to support cancer research.   Tyson has been a great addition to our family and it feels like he has always been a part of it and we are truly thankful for the opportunity that Adopt an Angel has given to us.


The puppy formerly known as Sultan. Hoser sounds like a funny name, but he asked for it! His first afternoon at home, we tried to use the hose to cool him off and he decided that he would rather attack the water. He does the same with the sprinkler when we turn those on. I will say this - it makes rinsing him off after a good shampoo pretty easy!


In January of 2009, my husband and I adopted a 7 year old Flat Coated Retriever mix by the name of Abby (which is still her name). We had lost one of our dogs, Squeeky, the previous December, at the age of 13 to bladder cancer. Squeeky left behind a heartbroken family including a litter mate by the name of Sophie . They had never spent more than 1 day apart. After some serious consideration, we decided that the best way to start the healing process for not only ourselves, but also Sophie, was to adopt another dog. After endless hours of searching on, and many Saturday visits to adoption fairs, I had almost given up on finding our new dog. Because of Sophie's age, we knew that a puppy (or even a young dog) would be too high energy for a dog that was in her golden years. We needed a very mellow dog.

Giving it one last shot, I stopped at an Adopt-An-Angel pet fair on a Saturday in early January. I looked at several dogs, and took a few of them on small walks around the parking lot. They were all sweet, but were all too high energy for Sophie. And then I saw this big black dog, with long hair, peacefully lying in a kennel at the end of a line of barking dogs. "What about that one?" I asked. "She seems pretty mellow", I said to the Adopt An Angel volunteer. "You mean Abby? I think she might be a good match, but she's an older dog- 7 years" the volunteer said. The volunteer and Abby and I went inside the store to do a meet and greet. Abby almost instantly laid down in my lap. I got Abby's history from the volunteer (original owner died and Abby was sent to a shelter where she was adopted out to another man who had gotten deployed over seas, and she was sent back to the shelter). I took a few pictures of her, and called my husband. "I think I've found our dog". I met my husband, who was on his lunch break, and we decided we would arrange a meet and greet with Sophie and Abby ASAP. The next week, the three of us headed out to Brunswick County and met Abby. Everything seemed to go well, and we adopted her on the spot. The now four of us headed home.

We had a few bumps in the road the first week. We found out that Abby does like to have a fair amount of space from Sophie when eating, sleeping, and going on car rides (but truth be told, since Sophie grew up with a litter mate, personal space was kind of a new concept for her). With time though, everything worked out, and we all began learning about each other. My husband and I weren't sure if Abby could even bark for the first 3 weeks we had her- she didn't bark for ANYTHING (she still rarely does).

Abby already walked on a leash very well and was housebroken when we got her, but something told me she was really smart- and boy was I right. She learned SIT in about a day. STAY took about 30 minutes. Then SHAKE and LAY which took 2 days. She's now working on roll over, and can roll about half way. Some of her favorite activities are "walkies", playing with the vacuum cleaner (she likes to jump at it and run away over and over), chase and stare down birds and squirrels in the back yard, rolling around in freshly mowed grass, scratching her sides by wedging herself between 2 shrubs, howling in her sleep (she doesn't do it any other time), car rides of course, and pawing at you for belly rubs/ear scratching. She's an extremely polite dog, who never gets on the furniture or the bed unless invited, and has a set of ears that can hear a jar of jelly beans being stealthily opened from across the house.

A lot of people questioned us for adopting a dog that was considered a "senior". I person even called her a "triple threat"- big, black, and old.  For us, all of those things were never an issue, it was about how we could improve her life, and the hope that she would bring joy to ours (which she does- every single day). If I could say one thing to someone that is considering adopting a pet, I'd say look at the pet as a whole, and understand that EVERY animal, regardless of it's age, or it's size, or number of legs, EVERY animal deserves a home. We are so thankful to Adopt an Angel for rescuing Abby. We are even more thankful to Abby for rescuing us.

Tiffany Pickler-Rice


One last photo of me and my brother Diego, another shelter dog who has found his furever home just like me.  We love it here.  We get brushed regularly and we get to go on walks almost every day!  Oh what wonderful smells me find along the way.  This is a picture of me and Diego playing in the backyard.  He isn't as well mannered as me but I'm teaching him very well.

He's pretty smart too but not as smart as me.  (Everyone knows it take boys longer to learn things, at least that what my Mom says.) My pet humans love us both so much.  I don't know who is happier them or us!  We promise to stay in touch and get you some better pictures with a real camera.

Thank you Ms Jill and Ms Sherry for finding me the perfect FUREVER HOME.




April is doing fantastic. She was a little skittish when we got her but now she has made a complete 180. She loves to run and just be outdoors. She is a wonderful dog. She went to the vet about the cyst that was on her tail and they were able to remove it so she has been happy since that has happened.

Thank you and good luck with the fund raiser.
Marvin, Crystal and April


It will be a year next week that we adopted Charlie. She is still amazing us with new behavior each week. Last week she barked at 2 strangers (to her) in their yard next door. She has only barked about 10 times in a year. And that 10 individual barks not episodes. This week she actually runs to catch us going out the door so she can tag along.

She has come a long way.